What happens during the “extension” of reiki attunement?

Here we are describing the experiences with the removal of the (or the) Reiki channels when releasing Reiki:

When “removing” the Reiki level, the energy channel that was anchored in you during the initiation by the Reiki Master is removed again. In addition, the ‘Reiki channel system’ initiated within you is removed. This way your own energy system can become active again, your own love can flow again, your heart can breathe freely again and from this point on no external access to you is possible.

You can really imagine this channel as a pipe that goes back (via energetic levels) to your master, from him to his master, … to Dr. Usui or his more commercially interested successors (Hawayo Takata, disciple of a Usui disciple Dr. Chujiro Hayashi). This channel system, with the appropriate training, is actually visible and perceptible. (One can, by the way, test the effect this influence has on one’s own well-being. If you are interested make an appointment and come by!)

How does this removal of reiki happen?

The removal of the Reiki channel does not cause any pain or injury, it is not done directly on your body. Thus, no damage to your aura or “reinstallation” of another magical network is possible during this process.

According to our current state of knowledge, this type of extension is a very “safe” method which cannot be abused negatively.

This session lasts about two hours, the exact duration is directly related to the amount of “entanglements” to be found; in addition to the actual removal of the channels, a preliminary talk and follow-up takes place during this time.

You will be brought back into contact with your own love.
(The reference to your own love ensures that no unwanted influence from outside is possible in the future. And, if doubts just came up: EVERYONE has love within him/herself, can feel it and spread it within him/herself. We have learned to support you in perceiving your own love well in time. That definitely works!

By the way, healing treatment is also possible without the “Reiki channel”, because then the divine healing energy can flow directly through you. So you don’t need the Reiki initiation anymore!

In my experience, even with an old Reiki atunement, the first degree of the ‘liberating effect’ of the expansion is very clearly noticeable, because these structures seem to solidify independently. So even a Reiki-Level1 initiation several decades old, which you have hardly used or never used, has a noticeable influence on your “self-esteem”.

Note: Even though people often say “If you don’t use Reiki then it has no effect on you” it is definitely not true – this is just as true as the statement of the same people who claim that you can’t remove Reiki again.

What is important is that you are not helplessly at the mercy of external influences, but are allowed to grow from them yourself – for some reason you wanted to have the Reiki initiation. If you have problems with it now: We can help you to regain control over your own life and your own energy body in the course of the treatment.

So: decide for yourself to do this step!
You can strengthen your own love and life energy in your heart, feel yourself better and bring love to the outside. You will see that this works better without Reiki initiation!

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