You, your heart and the world

This text was provided by Andreas Lohmann and may serve as a stimulus on the way to regaining your independence:

The suffering of this world arose when power was separated from love (heart) and a life of its own was allowed to play in the head. The experiment began, polarity arose, it continued, and all suffering that the world carries today goes back to this origin, as the old Vedas describe it. The Bible also tells us that Adam and Eve sought knowledge (head) and left paradise (heart).
And today? Today, with every breath of your life, you decide whether to promote this polarity or heal and dissolve it:

Which primordial power do you follow? Your heart or your mind? There is no togetherness, only one decision: Either you are love and your thinking is new out of this love or you are the product of your mind and your heart perishes.

Thinking about God, leads away from God ? into illusions and even to ?light? levels and beings, which pretend to be God there. But the being that you find in your heart is God. And recognition runs immediately here. From this recognition comes healing and joy, but no storable knowledge, no knowledge beyond being oneself.

The head holds fast, no matter what virtuous intentions it has and therefore always leads to hardening. Without exception.

The heart always lets go, it heals and clears ways as illogical they sometimes are. It only needs itself and yet is connected to everything. Without exception.

If you follow the path of the heart, your mind will soon be afraid of dying, and it will do everything it can to make itself important, to distract you from the heart again and to hold on to it.

Pass your trials: Search your heart in every waking hour of your life, gain the feeling of being nothing but your own love, and learn to expand yourself into the world – and also into your mind – so that one day it will find its peace and become part of the love from which it once came.

Om Namah Shivay !

© Andreas Lohmann
Berlin 16.10.2005

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