Why Reiki Initiation?

Here I describe what has become clear to me over the years with the clients: if they have problems with Reiki initiation, they often report having received their attunement in a certain (psychological) situation.

“Reiki is like a trauma for me”.

Reiki initiations do not only cost money, but some also cost nerves and their psychological well-being afterwards. This is not always the case now, many don’t seem to notice any damage after the initiation.

Also many of the people who come to me to get a liberation from the Reiki initiation report that they had no problems after the initiation into the 1st level of Reiki, but were even lively and good in the flow. Often after the initiation into the 2nd level Reiki a significant deterioration occurred.

Some are directly traumatized by the experiences they then had. This is not limited to certain Reiki Masters, but there seem to be Masters who are experiencing increased problems after the 2nd degree initiations.

Maybe it has to do with the fact that the initiation into the next degree took place after a short time, so the master did not wait for the traditional “teaching time”. But maybe the clients waited especially hungry for the next Reiki course and let themselves be initiated very quickly into Reiky 2… I don’t want to accuse any “side” of anything, I still try to understand this phenomenon.

Why do people want to have a Reiki initiation?

It turns out in the conversations that the clients often say of themselves that they wanted to have the initiation into Reiki when they were in a phase of their life when they were seeking protection. Sometimes also because they wanted orientation or because they are not sure if they are sufficient.

The aspect of wanting to help is very often mentioned as a motivation to let oneself be initiated into Reiki. Some people did the Reiki course simply because they wanted to “participate” and the Reiki energy was said to them to be a pleasantly simple way.

All these motives are ok and in the history of each individual client at this time probably quite right – and in the end it is also possible to take back the Reiki signs. So: even if one has unpleasant experiences, that are only experiences, not a life-long hex.

The experiences of removing reiki atunements are positive, many people say afterwards: “I feel like before the initiation again – simply wonderful! Thank you!”