What is Reiki

Reiki and other magical internals and cross-linking levels

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Here we want to describe in short, neutral words what Reiki is, why we think it might be better to have your Reiki initiation removed and how this affects you. (Reiki initiation means the same as Reiki attunement, Reiki symbol, …and what terms are used).

Reiki is… energy.

This energy is (or was) basically ‘life energy’ which was passed on from a giver to the receiver (and the receiver). In order to make the Reiki giver the channel for this energy, an access and a transport system is needed. This is “built into” during the initiations (hence the use of the word “removing” the energy channels built into you).

Energy pathways are altered by reiki:

There has been a website that has beautifully depicted these energy pathways and some of the associated installation measures. This drawing is not longer availible, but it was, this must be emphasized, from a Pro Reiki website; and it shows what is often denied by Reiki teachers: at the Reiki initiation a new “channel system” is installed in your body. But the connection ‘up’ is not the ‘to the divine energy’ (you have this connection like that), but goes to ‘other sources’.
The heart chakra (see reports) is also not opened further, but enclosed by a channel system, so that it can no longer expand.
THIS then leads to the feeling of “sitting in a cage”.

(Illustrations of the Reik channels of soCalled “Kundalini Reiki” or “Tummo Reiki” can be found in the internet. They are proud of showing how radical the own energy-system is overwritten by the attunement.)

Of course, this is not what the Reiki initiators say… and therefor the sentence “connection to the Divine Energy” has been added to eliminate doubt. But nothing has changed in the initiations and their consequences (despite the changes in the drawing). Almost funny is the ‘higher faster further’ of the different Reiki schools, which can be seen in the picture, who now accomplishes the better connection to the divine energy. Small hint: as divine beings each of us has the connection to the divine energy ‘ex works’ built-in – namely in his own heart!)

The influence / impact of the Reiki Master

The energy system of the disciple is now connected to the energy system of the initiating master. Maybe not all energy flows through this way, but the energy of the Master has influence on the initiated disciple in any case.

This seems to be very important to the masters, because they have always pointed to the line of connection to Mr. Usui. Since many ‘modified’ or self-invented Reiki systems are on the market, the ‘lineage’ has become much more inscrutable. In the meantime there are even “self initiations” and remote initiations to buy…

The fact that the master or even the previous masters of the lineage have influence on the student was apparently unproblematic for quite a while. At some point, however, it was ’tilted’. Since then some Reiki channels seem to have power-related and sometimes even black magic influences. These remain even if you don’t actively use the Reiki channel itself, i.e. don’t give any Reiki sessions anymore.

Remove the Reiki channels:

Even if known “Reiki Elders” deny this, it is possible to remove the Reiki channels from the affected person’s energetic system and thus end their influence on his life. With the method we use this can be done successfully, the effect can be felt immediately.

How successfully other methods make this possible is beyond our knowledge.

You can find more detailed information on the process on the subpage “What happens when Reiki is removed xxx”.

Effect of initiation and removal of energy channels:

The initiation into Reiki takes place through a conscious procedure. At least the initiating master is aware that this incorporation of a Reiki channel is a drastic process. If the disciple is not aware of this, something has gone wrong. So please beware of Reiki teachers who leave you in any way unclear that an initiation is taking place.

Beware also of teachers who offer to do more than one initiation at a time. In the traditional teaching a distance of several years between the initiations into the Reiki degrees (1.degree, 2.degree, 3.degree, Master) was prescribed – as well as daily rituals of consciousness and purification. This ‘purity’ has obviously fallen victim to the spirit of the time, this is the only way to explain the development of Reiki from a health-promoting Reiki (also for the Reiki-practitioner) to the arising problems for the Reiki-disciples.

However, Reiki Masters are also affected, see subpage “Experiences with Reiki xxx”.