Symptoms / damage symptoms of reiki

OR: How can I tell if I want treatment?

Known symptoms that you might want to think about and feel if you are really so happy with your own Reiki initiation:

  • I feel like in a light balloon. I don’t feel directly uncomfortable, but somehow distanced from the rest of the world.
  • I have lost the feeling to others: I notice that it is becoming increasingly difficult to connect with others. Although I try I have difficulties to feel my loving heart …
  • Sometimes others are irritated by how I behave. I don’t really get these actions, but I find them strange. Somehow I sometimes feel like I’m remote controlled …
  • I feel exhausted when I give Reiki.
    In the teacher initiation one learns “that the Reiki givers are ‘only’ channels. This means that the energy flows through us and is passed on to the other person. No energy is withdrawn from us. So after an initiation or treatment we should not be tired either.” (Quote Astrid )

  • And yet there seems to be more of this phenomenon than one would like to hear… in our experience this has to do with entanglements that do you no good.
  • I’m not sure that it’s always me acting. Even if it sounds a bit schizophrenic: some feel the same – and for some the development of magical levels of influence has helped to eliminate exactly this feeling.
  • I know it shouldn’t be like this, but I’ve been depressed since I got Reiki.” We have already met several cases where the lust, strength and joy of life was considerably below normal, sometimes even alarming. Even if (I have to emphasize again!) the removement of magical structures does not substitute the visit to the therapist and we give no guarantee for the improvement of the living conditions, the changes achieved by the liberation from the initiation are clear and consistently positive.
  • Reiki keeps me away from my innermost self. A wonderful description of the effect we do not want.
  • I just want my old life back.” This sentence often comes from people seeking advice and shows that the Reiki initiation can also have a negative influence over a longer period of time, which is gruelling and stressful.
  • “Reiki is like a trauma for me”.
  • “Reiki has to do with power, with functioning and on the other hand to want to and to take influence with it. It feels unpleasant for me.”
  • I wanted to have Reiki symbols to be able to help. Now I feel at my mercy.
  • Before the course the Reiki Master did not say that there is an initiation (attunement). He didn’t say that clearly during the initiation, but just did it like that / presented it as a trifle. Now I feel dependent on this man / this woman.
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