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Why should Reiki suddenly be bad?”
“Can Reiki really do any harm now that it is so well known?

That or something like that will be the first reaction of many who are confronted with the idea of removing reiki-attunements.
Because: “Finally” word has spread among the “normal population” that Reiki is an effective method, finally the health insurance is also dealing with Reiki (at least in germany) – and now something like that?

What’s that supposed to mean?

Many people who are on the path of self-knowledge and self-discovery have been initiated into Reiki in the last decades. This procedure seems very attractice, now often very inexpensive and sometimes even offered as an instant initiation over the telephone or the internet.
Usually the whole thing is problem-free; sometimes however ‘strange’ things happen in the time after the initiation: suddenly you don’t want to work with Reiki anymore, you have a stupid feeling with it; you feel bad, you feel strangely distant, you can’t feel your own love anymore; you can only experience yourself “through others”….
Our experience with clients has shown that there are often ‘small’ complaints that creep in over time, whose connection with the initiation becomes clear only after the extension (Typical quotes: “Oh, I suddenly feel so free”; “Inside me there is a lot of space again”; “I can feel my heart again now” or also “My stressful states/perceptions are gone”).

What is Reiki?

Reiki is not (as always very simply said) the “universal life energy” or “universal love”, but a “special” energy-system.

In order to be able to pass it on, a “channel” is created during the initiations using special Reiki symbols, through which this energy can flow (see page xxx). This is described by Reiki-Masters and distinguishes this system from “natural healing” through the healing touch (laying on of hands), which each person can do by virtue of his own love.

It is important for Reiki practitioners that they are “connected” as directly as possible to Dr. Usui, the “inventor” of Reiki. This connection is made through the “ancestral line” of their masters, i.e. through all the masters who preceded their master. Each of these masters seems to be “involved” in the chain of transmission.

Of course, most Reiki practitioners are shurely cheerful and do their work with a clear conscience – but due to the dependence of the quality of the energy they transmit on the alignment of the previous masters, the stability and integrity of each individual in this long chain, it may well be that “bad” energies have crept in there in the meantime – and the practitioners now happily pass these influences on.
The sentence “It´s Reiki, so it can’t be bad” is unfortunately not true anymore (at least since some time).

What helps with problems with Reiki?

There are sensitive people who themselves have been working energetically for years, who carefully observe the development of activities on the level of “externally induced energetic changes in the aura”, vulgo “energetic installations and initiations”. The Reiki channel, for example, also belongs to these external installations.

Since spring 2006 the spiritual teachers Kali Ma and Andreas Lohmann reported that Reiki Masters has come to them more often and ask them to help them to “clear” newly initiated people, because “strange things come down there”. (Examples under “Symptoms / Damages” xxx). That was the impetus for this initiative here.

From this experience Andreas Lohmann developed effective techniques to remove harmful “fixtures”. With this, specially trained helpers can solve the “magical internals” and help the affected person to restore his own freedom and his own life.

And then, what happens without Reiki attunement?

In fact: Energetic healing is possible in itself, it works with love. And in best case with universal love. Everyone’s(!) own(!) heart is the source of universal love!
For that you need no other source: your own heart itself is the best source for love and healing.

If you are not so completely sure whose energy is working through you, let yourself be checked through – in your own interest – and let the possibly existing foreign installations be removed.

You can find concrete case studies under “Liberation from Reiki xxx”.
You will find concrete contact persons under “Support xxx”.

Note: We do not offer medical treatment. All activities serve only to stimulate the self-healing powers of the clients and do not replace a visit to a doctor or alternative practitioner!

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