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If you have any questions about this topic, just contact Ramos:

The taking out of an initiation takes place in a single session of usually about two to three hours.
Old (e.g. magical) initiations and entanglement patterns of earlier times are taken out with which your current initiations have resonated. In addition, there is a ‘postprocessing’ in which we ensure that you can feel and let your own love flow again in your whole system; if necessary and desired, missing soul parts can be retrieved and re-integrated.

Such a single session is possible in berlin ans costs 250 Euro + VAT, i.e. 297,50€ ; only in exceptional cases and at great expense (e.g. if you have already accumulated 15 Reiki degrees, or if you have just come fresh from a black magic training, and it will therefore take more than five hours instead of two, it could be more, but in common it stays at this amount). This will of course be determined in advance for mutual clarification.

This session is usually not done ‘at a distance’, so personal meetings are required. There is the possibility of organizing on-site appointments with you in the area, if several affected people come together and/or the travel and room costs are borne by you. If you have any questions, please just ask.

The treatment will take place in specially rented rooms. If you have arranged an appointment and cancel it at short notice (48 hours before), Ramos will charge you 40€ for the reservation of the room.

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