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Question: Why do people do Reiki initiations?

Answer: It seems to have something to do with mightiness, with the power that comes when you ‘belong’ to it, when you belong to those who are ‘initiated’, who represent ‘the special’. To surrender oneself to the power that presents itself selflessly in appearance and apparently so helpful and helpful. To not accept one’s own power, to deny one’s own healing power and divinity.

The initiation also seems to give some kind of power to the masters (the initiates) (otherwise I couldn’t explain why there is such a boom to offer cheap stone initiations over the internet, where the initiator earns practically nothing… but still demands money. In former times, when the initiation cost 20.000 DM, the financial aspect was of course even more predominant – the ‘exclusiveness’ and the ‘secrecy’ however also.
Today one can buy a book with initiation symbols for 30€ … or for 19.90€ by remote initiation in any special rainbow Reiki to be initiated … that is not healthy.
To make you aware of your own healing power and the divine/universal love accessible to you is not only cheaper, but above all also ‘side-effect-free’ and in the long run more beneficial for your mental development.

What do you mean by “installations”?

By “installations” we mean here all changes to the energetic system of your body that are brought in from outside or artificially. The Reiki channel is implemented into at the “attunements”. It is a connection to the energy system of your master.
In addition, there is a “channel system” in your body energy system through which the Reiki energy flows. This flows, for example, into the palms of your hands or fingertips.
This Reiki energy system is an additional ‘artificial’ system.
You can read about the effects of these built-in devices, or how the “initiates” who arrive here feel, on the page “Symptoms / Damage Pictures xxx”. You can read how people feel after erasing the initiation on the page “Experiences with Reiki” xxx.

Isn’t the Reiki energy divine energy / cosmic healing energy / … that we deal with anyway?

Every person can let the cosmic energy flow into him/herself, work with this energy and transfer this energy to others. For this no one needs an “initiation”, but only some sensitivity, which he/she can attain through practice.
Perhaps a special form of opening for subtle energy may have been necessary in the past, but today it is not.
You can find more information on the page “What is Reiki”.xxx

My Reiki Master (or someone else) has said that a Reiki initiation can not be removed

This is where the Reiki Masters seem to contradict each other. Some say that Reiki initiations cannot be removed from the subtle system, and point out that something divine cannot be removed (this is the same reasoning why divorce was not possible in the Catholic Church).
But other Reiki teachers clearly say that it works to erase Reiki initiations – and so is our experience. The clients confirm it again and again unasked immediately after the session: ‘I now clearly feel quite different’.
and in case of doubt I believe my clients; freely according to the motto “What works is right”.

Why do you do this removing the Reiki initiation?

I (Ramos) can only speak for myself. For me it was certainly good for some reason to get the Reiki initiation (more then 25 years ago) at some point in my life, and it was certainly very good to remove it again later. My heart feels much more free now, my love can flow better, and I am rid of this unpleasant feeling.
Others are similar (see page “Experiences with Reiki ” xxx).

How about the Reiki recipients? Do they also have “installations”?

Reiki recipients who felt ‘strange’ after a treatment have already contacted us from time to time. Actually, the recipients don’t get an initiation, so no permanent installations. (I mean the Reiki channel and the Reiki energy system is installed in your own energy system at the procedure of the attunement and then ‘settles’ in it as an autonomous system. – It may sound a bit gross, but it’s the only way I can describe it.)
So for a long time i thought it should be enough for Reiki recipients who feel worse after a treatment than before to take a good shower, drink a lot of water and say goodbye to the contact internally.
After the intensive reading of a book written by Reiki initiators, I have the opinion that even the receiver can actually notice harmful influences(!) if the initiation was not set correctly. These influences can come from the practitioner or from his channel…
A lot of showering is certainly a good idea; a heart meditation and the awareness of your own love is also a way to clear you (or your energy system).

I always thought Reiki would teach you how to “channel” the energy that everyone has and how to “use” it for yourself and others for good?

You wouldn’t need any initiations for that purpose.

But even if the Reiki teachers don’t explicitly state this, they are still doing initiations. Especially if a teacher doesn’t point out that there are initiations, I think you have to be very careful because he tries to ‘turn something on’ and ‘fool you’.

Originally such an initiation was a spiritual exercise lasting several days, for which one prepared intensively. And before one was admitted to the 2nd degree Reiki, it was customary to practice for one year, to practice one’s correct lifestyle, to meditate and before the initiation the “degree of development” of the student was also tested against certain subtle phenomena.

Today, there are Reiki Masters who do the initiations for three degrees in one day – or who do not mention that it is all about (permanent) initiations. Hands off is the only i can say!

I have been dealing with Reiki for a long time. It seems to me that you see Reiki as something negative and you experience it this way (resonance law).

I (me personaly) do not see Reiki as something negative per se. I am only interested in the fact that there are people who have problems with it and that there are possibilities to free these people from the Reiki initiations – and thus from their problems.

I have experienced myself and many other people with me that the Reiki initiation changes an essential part of my own possibilities of experience and that it can be totally liberating to get rid of this limitation.

If someone has had great experiences with Reiki, feels free and satisfied, then I have no ‘problem’ with it: let him/her be granted it, if that is really the case.

Do you have the feeling that Reiki has something to do with black magic?

I believe that Reiki originally had nothing to do with black magic, but was a well-intentioned way of dealing with the divine / universal healing energy. The idea is also tempting: once briefly initiated, the disciple can transmit the pure and cultivated energy of the Master himself.

When and through whom ‘unpleasant’ or ‘harmful’ energy was finally fed into the Reiki system I cannot say. Maybe it’s ‘only’ the ‘self-invented’ Reiki variations… no idea. I only know that there are problems that reach into the field of black magic.

What do you mean with “soul parts”?

Soul parts are aspects (parts) of our soul that we ourselves have split off or that have been split off. However, since our soul is always in connection with all its parts, these can be tracked down again and brought into the present. If they are then – carefully and attentively – received, i.e. reintegrated into the system, the recipient can reopen a part of the world which he had previously separated (e.g. due to an earlier “bad experience”).

This all takes place in our context after the removal of the Reiki initiations so that the client can completely refill his own energy system with his own(!) energy. The retrieval of lost soul parts makes this process much easier for the client.

Do you really want to frighten with this website about reiki?

Clear answer: No!

As described above, this website and my work in this area was developed from my own experience of how helpful and redeeming it is to be liberated from Reiki initiation.

I have no interest in spreading fear. I prefer to promote the courage to live of other people by pointing out possibilities that would otherwise remain hidden to them.

The fact that there are ‘unpleasant’ side effects, or that at least some initiations cause real problems, has long been ignored or embellished in the Reiki scene. Then followed a phase in which it was said: yes, there are, but that’s not really a problem, those are conversion difficulties, contact your masters. And now some well-known Reiki masters are saying that it’s impossible to remove the Reiki initiation – if there are problems, you should meditate properly, or you’ve had bad luck.

As I said, I want to promote a life of freedom and self-responsibility … and for me this also means that the possibilities are known of how one can free oneself from a Reiki initiation.

How can it be that sensitive people learn Reiki and then suddenly no longer feel that they are separated from their heart?

Here I can only give back the experience I made myself. And perhaps an enlightening quote from a woman who had been initiated.
She wrote to me after the removal of the initiations: “Well, unfortunately you are right, with the Reiki people I also noticed that the hearts are hardened there – as I had to experience it in my own body… you somehow don’t notice it at all… unfortunately… Light and love is the greeting of the Reiki people… and unfortunately only an empty phrase.
The only thing that surprises me is that I managed to escape from this pot… but without help I would certainly not have managed that. “

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