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Why this page : Reiki-Free

First of all: no, this one is not a general crusade against Reiki.
It’s about problems that have to do with “magical structures” of different sources and harm people concretely – this ranges from simple Reiki initiations to magical internals that were anchored in the aura to structures that were initiated in earlier incarnations.

The negative influences of these internals are sometimes already noticeable in daily life, ranging from “feel somehow bad”, “can’t sleep well anymore”, “feel powerless” to “feel depressed” with thoughts of suicide, constant body symptoms, psychological problems, clairvoyance, lack of drive, feeling imprisoned, ‘appearances’, … .

These “built-in” elements are especially noticeable when one really wants to come into contact with one’s own love: here these “built-in elements” are often the reason for real “contact difficulties”. ( See also the reports xxx).

This page also adresses negative side-effects of reiki-attunements. These are often described as “Healing crises”, but in some cases these symptoms stayed some years and were very harmful for the attuned people.

It has always been confirmed that the removal of these structures (i.e. the Reiki symbols or Reiki initiations) has a directly noticeable effect, is immediately experienced as liberating; the clients immediately feel noticeably freed from burden, physically freer – it is again possible for them to open up to life, the symptoms stay away. You can read feedback here

Since January 2006, we have been announcing on this site that these effects exist – and giving those affected the suggestion that their problems could also be attributed to this cause …

… and since I have experienced the liberating effect of removing these “magical fixtures” on my own body, I would also like to serve as a contact point for people who have their problems with such “fixtures”.

This site or I do not replace a doctor or pharmacist or psychotherapist – but I have learned techniques to remove these “internals” in a relatively simple and completely painless way.
The effect is tremendous, direct to notice and truly liberating. The method of treatment is safe (i.e. no symbols or the like are built into your systems) and the painless treatment costs 250 Euro + VAT, which is almost 300€ (see contact point xxx), including the preliminary and debriefing.

PS: the term “desecration” for the removal of Reiki initiations is personally unpleasant for me, because energy work is not negative in itself and cleaning from a disturbing “initiation” (or “attunement”) is nothing unholy, and nothing violent. I use the terms ‘liberate’ or ‘remove’ because doing it simply feels like a manual activity lice a craftsman work – on an energetic level.